Birthday Fun

  1. Looking for birthday fun for an active little one or older children on their special day?

Activ-T’s host’s sporty-active birthdays for children aged 4 years and above. Active birthdays can be 1 hour or 1 hour and 30 minutes in duration. Games for the chosen duration can be sport, (football based or other),  non-sporty traditional activities or a mixture to suit all involved.

Please do get in touch via our contact page regarding availability for that special birthday or simply make a provisional booking by filling in details below and we will be in touch.


    Parent Name
    Email Address
    Phone Number
    Child Name
    Child Birthday Age
    How many children to attending
    Proposed Party Date
    (£60 deposit on booking confirmation) Party Duration 1hr - £200 - ages 3.6-5 years - 10 children max1hr - £220 - 20 children max1.5hr - or 20+ children - £260
    Location (if chosen)
    Any other instructions

    * Activ-T’s operates with 1 or 2 Coaches on site when hosting Birthdays for 8 to 20 children. Please be advised that Parties with more than 20 children in attendance may incur extra costs as extra Coaches may be required on site, (£40 per coach)